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When was the last time you truly explored the place you were visiting for business? Moreover, when was the last time you took a vacation and had a stunning woman as you own personal tour guide? Together we can do that, and so much more.

As a true citizen of the world, I’ve travelled extensively, and found adventure, beauty, and luxury in almost every destination I’ve visited. But the two cities that continue to draw me in again, and again have to be our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. and the beautiful Big Easy, New Orleans. I currently reside in both locations, and divide my time between the both places.

Everytime the wheels of the airplane hit the tarmac when I arrive in NOLA or DC, I get butterflies in my stomach and can scarcely wait to get off the plane.

Each city has captured a little piece of my heart.

Whenever you find yourself with a day open in either city, I recommend booking a tour with the city’s top tourguide--yours truly.

As a luxury companion in both Washington DC and New Orleans, I absolutely adore taking someone special through a city that I call home. I’ll teach you about the parts of the city that only locals get to access and we’ll indulge like newly acquainted lovers on holiday. 

I know D.C. well, and would love to give you a guided tour, from monuments and memorials, to Georgetown and the Arts District, I can escort you on a luxurious romp through America's national treasure. Let's meet at my place, and I’ll show you all of my secret spots in the city.

I always thrill at a chance to visit the Kennedy Center, as I adore live performances, from musicals to the symphony. We can end our day at one of the city’s 14 Michelin Star restaurant's, and gaze at the stars shining down on the city’s skyline. To the untrained eye, D.C. may seem cold, formal, and serious, but just beneath the surface you’ll find this place to be as dazzling as the star spangled banner itself. Don't sit at the hotel between meetings, I'll whisk you away on a magical tour of our nation’s capital that you’ll never forget.


I would be remiss to exclude the city that has more recently captured my interest: New Orleans, Louisiana. With it's notorious nightlife, architecture, and culture, we could spend a week exploring together and never see the same thing twice. While Bourbon street has its charms, I can take you off the beaten path and into the heart of Nola. I'll be your companion as we stroll Magazine Street, indulge at Cochon and take in some amazing live music at Republic--setting the tone for a truly V.I.P experience of what has been called the Paris of the South. Feeling laid back? Let's sample a few flights at the Bayou Wine Garden for a more casual experience, and Frenchman Street always has live music and curiosities that arouse the senses and pique temptation. If you’ve never taken a steamboat ride across the Mississippi, or explored the Algiers Point, you’re missing out on what Miss New Orleans truly has to offer.

There’s so many adventures I can show you, but remember, the greatest adventure happens behind closed doors. Once we’ve spent the day exploring the city, we’ll be amply prepared to embark on the journey of exploring one another.

I love winding down the day while sipping a mint julep with someone special, and watching the sunset from my beautiful rooftop.

Whether you are a business traveler or simply looking for a day of respite and pampering, I’d love to revel with you in these places I where my heart resides.

I am also regularly available for more traditional encounters in either city, but do contact me directly for more details of my upcoming travels, as you just never know where I will be next.

Don't forget, once the tour ends the true adventure begins!

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