Is the woman in the photos the actual person that I will meet?

Yes. 100%. All of my photos are real and recent and you will actually find that I look better in person than I do in the photos.  Another thing that photos can't always reveal is someone's personality.  I am 100% confident in saying that you will find my personality to be even more stunning than my appearance.  I take great pride in that.  

I'm a little nervous about the screening process. Is it really necessary?

Without a doubt. My approach to our association will always be highly discreet and oh so intimate. Successful verification affirms your integrity. Take confidence in knowing that your privacy is paramount. If you are new to the screening process, I do offer employment verification completed in a totally anonymous manner.

Could you send me a unblurred photo?

Please do not ask, outside of this job I have a career and I pride myself in discretion.  I am quite  sure that you would not like to be seen with a dinner date whose unblurred pictures circulate in cyberspace.

What kind of man captures your attention?

Unquestionably, the gent with a courteous nature, pristine hygiene and neat appearance ranks at the top of my list. His personal grooming is smooth and immaculate just like mine. His penchant for the finer things in life is surpassed only by mine. He appreciates our time together. Somewhat of an epicure, he prefers extended evenings together that include elegant dining and intelligent conversation. Sound like you?

What is your idea of a perfect evening?

One that flows with chemistry, harmony and a sense of luxury. While the locale can vary, I look more for quality and class. A secret gem of an intimate cafe can be just as lovely as dining at a well-known, upscale restaurant. Perhaps we’'ll begin the night over cocktails followed by a succulent meal all the while tantalizing each other. We'll then saunter back to our sumptuous suite where the private veranda calls with urgency.

Do you travel as a companion?

Yes.  I travel both domestically and internationally for exclusive engagements.  These need to be planned well in advance and require a security deposit. 

Do you have an age preference?

Yes, I  prefer  the ages of 35-65

Why didnt  you get back to me?

Most likely because your language or manner was inappropriate in your email. If you send me a message using slang or aggressive language, not putting any effort into writing a few sentences about yourself it is likely you will be ignored.  

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