The gallant gentleman with a gracious attitude and mannerly disposition ignites my senses.
 Your natural tendency toward courteous behavior will really bring out the best in me. When we share the same sense of consideration we'll get along magically.

Communicating with me

All details about our engagement will be arranged by email which is the best way for me to connect. Following our rendezvous, I would be delighted to receive a message about how much you enjoyed our time together.

Being on time

A bit of planning in advance does wonders for traffic allowances, directions and the like. Because my schedule runs like a finely tuned machine, I love attention to punctuality.

Appreciating kindness

Those thoughtful little nuances and subtle sentiments that mark you as a truly nice person win my affection! In contrast, I am inclined to bring a hasty end to rude or haughty behavior.

Valuing our engagement

Integrity means that you cherish my company and that of course, the feeling is mutual. Add chemistry to the mix and we’'ll have an engagement that is out of this world.

Respecting boundaries

Within the parameters of our engagement, excitement will flourish. After we say goodbye (until the next time), all that we shared will stay between us and remain separate from our personal lives.

Handling donations

Your gift is best placed on the bathroom countertop in an unsealed envelope within the first few minutes of our greeting. My consideration is never a topic of conversation and should remain unspoken at all times.

Honoring privacy

If our paths ever cross in public, I will neither make eye contact nor acknowledge your presence in the name of discretion. What happens between us stays between us.

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