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I find, when you spend enough time getting ready for something, it makes it all the more pleasurable when the hour finally arrives - you rise from the bed, go to answer the knock of a new date at your door, anticipation beating in your chest. The best things come to those who wait. 


There’s the physical side, of course. Before we meet, I’ll have gotten to know you and understand a little of what you love. In the days leading up to a date, I’ll spend hours searching for the perfect outfit. From lingerie – silken hold-ups, frilled French panties, an exquisitely boned corset – to the heels perfect for kicking off in a moment of abandonment, I will curate every detail. Tell me your favorite color, your favorite look, your favorite perfume: the erotic touchstones you’ve held close all your life. Whether you want a femme fatale, a wide-eyed temptress or a sensual muse, I’ll be dressed to fulfil your dreams. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the look of satisfaction on your face as you stand back, put your hands on my waist and drink me in. 


I have a wardrobe full of backless dresses, skin-hugging pencil skirts, and button-down shirts that err just on the right side of naughtiness. Each of these garments hold for me a specific association, charged by the time I wore them last. For that reason, I prefer to make new memories for you. Plus, who doesn’t love shopping for a new outfit? 


Before each date, I run a bath brimming with lavender and pomegranate oils, lathering every inch of my body to make sure my skin is velvet-soft to the touch. After I’ve dried off, I’ll apply cream, starting at my feet and ankles, working my way up my legs, my thighs, my stomach and my chest until I gleam like freshly polished gold. Once I’m finished, I’m a feast for the senses, a delicious gift to be unwrapped and savored – slowly, passionately, deliberately. 


Next, I need to clear my mind. I have practiced meditation for many years now. I find there’s nothing better to get me ready for a date than an hour or so devoted solely to thinking about what lies in store for us. Piece by piece, I’ll visualize the days (and nights) ahead, allowing myself to indulge in each decadent thought. What will we do first, I wonder? How will he make me feel? 


Working through these thoughts builds anticipation, sharpens my mind to focus on the one person I want to please in that moment - You. 


Finally, I am ready. All that’s left to do is wait. 

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