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 I looked into the mirror one final time, and my heart skipped a beat. 

“I gently exhale as I steady myself before the mirror. I had always dreamt of today, and now it seemed I would need all the energy I could get to stand on my feet. My heart was a swirl of chaotic emotions, but I was trying not let it show. 

My eyes went to the wall clock, and it was 6:45 pm. Great! I only had fifteen minutes to drive over to the restaurant and meet with my prince charming.

Could tonight be the night?

My dress accentuates my dangerous curves, and the sea blue material matched the blues of my restless eyes. Without a doubt I oozed sensuality from every pore of my skin, but I didn't need to dwell on it. 

I just hoped this meeting was going to be worth all the troubles. 

I made the drive in ten minutes, giving me five minutes to spare. I wanted to be seated before you arrived; I knew it would give me a sort of leverage in comportment.

The heady aroma of bread, and quality beef overwhelmed me even before I stepped over the threshold. Inside was a steamy blend of fine foods and wine, while the brisk, late autumn air forced my final step through the door. 

I looked around, searching for a secluded spot from where I could comfortably watch the entrance. The lights played on the walls and floor, casting shadows across the expansive room while a familiar song played softly in the background. 

Something caught my eye. A hand raised in the air; waving; at me?

Then I saw your face! You were already here, seated to my far right beaming a one million dollar smile. My, you were dashing! I must have blushed a million times in a second, and I was pink in the cheeks by the time I finally got to the table. 

You stood just in time to hug me. I needed it to steady my feet, but at the same time, it quickened my heartbeat. You were just as I had fantasized, and the subtle cologne was a perfect compliment. 

"You are so beautiful!" You breath into my ear, holding me back for a while. 

All I could do was smile as I watched your eyes roam all over me. From my delicate feet, to my big blue eyes, without missing an inch in between. 

Time stops as you strip me with you gaze. I’m beginning to feel weak in the knees…

"I better sit," I breathe, breaking from your tender grip. 

As we sit across each other, you lean over the table; your eyes searching mine. Eyes so bright and open that I know that I only need to look a bit deeper to see the color of your soul. 

After a moment, your eyes come down to rest on the top of my full breasts, drawing resplendent heat from my very center. It was clear how this night would end. With a new beginning. 

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