About You

Being a true gentleman is always in fashion

Whether it is a gem of a lady or a sip of vintage wine, you are the kind of man who prefers to savor rather than sample. You like your woman as charming as you are. Having scaled the ladder of success, now it's time to sweeten up your free time with some feminine attention of the highest caliber.

Your world is a respectful place. Intrinsic to your lifestyle is a trusted confidante, a passionate woman who is just as brilliant at listening as she is conversing. You find the sensual aesthetics that she provides just as arousing. Sometimes you get lost in the sheer visual pleasure of her beauty and why shouldn't you?

Taking on the challenges of daily life whether at home or in the boardroom can get a little trying even for a paragon like yourself. That's why it is important that your private engagements are not planned in haste. In fact, extended evenings work best. Beating with a sense of passionate energy is the type of magic that you long for in a private rendezvous. With your busy schedule, breaking away is not always a luxury you can afford. Flying me to you however, is a luxury you can't live without

If ever a gent knew how to present himself, it's you. Well put together describes your ensemble neat and casual (or formal if the occasion calls) with pristine hygiene. To make matters even better, your awareness of good health and fitness reflect in your appearance. I just adore a man that can keep up with me.

Above all, you like to keep things private. Discretion punctuates your personal affairs because it's no one else¬ís persuit. Searching for that prized liaison that fits easily into your modus operandi is a quest soon to be realized.

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