About Me

There are no words to describe Olivia.
She is impossibly sexy, smart, sassy and downright gorgeous. 

When was the last time you met a mature companion who is remarkably easy to get along with? The kind of person that makes you feel like a million bucks without even trying. I am the rare lady who relishes the good times that follow getting to know my confrere in depth. Think of me as incredibly charming but never overpowering, a tour de force of femininity. I am as playful as I am sultery with an alter ego of naughtiness; a true belle de nuit.

You will agree that my figure is something to celebrate. A heightened awareness of healthy eating and robust exercise routine show in my trim, graceful physique. With luxurious curves and velvet skin, I look spectacular wearing anything or almost nothing at all. My dress code is classically elegant with a healthy dose of provocateur. I like to make a statement that is noticeably alluring and irresistibly appealing. What I wear underneath is a different story...

With a passport to prove it, I love to travel and feel at home wherever I am. Between New Orleans & D.C. I'm always on the go. As a mature woman anchored in myself, I can escort you anywhere with confidence. My keen intelligence marks me as the ideal travel companion. A gentle wit means that I tend to go with the flow while making light of life in general. What could be better?

As a gentleman with an appreciation of luxury, looking for the ideal liaison, I think you’ll find in me a true confidante with a wise intuition. But I like a bit of mystery which means that as much as you get to know me, I’'ll always leave something to the imagination. I promise we are going to have a good time together.

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